Privacy policy


When using Commuter, information about your location, movements, and journey planning is processed by the App to provide you with transport information and to derive behaviours for driving personalisation features such as predicting upcoming travel. You give your consent to collect, store and derive such data on your device when you use the App. None of this information is shared outside of your own device, and we as makers and service providers of the App cannot see this information as this data privacy is a core design feature which we offer to you.

We work hard to make sure that all transport information is as accurate as possible but we cannot guarantee it due to the many industry sources we rely on to provide it. By using Commuter you accept responsibility for using this information for your own purposes and we do not accept any liability for mistakes, errors, poor advice, omissions or other issues with the information provided.

If you kindly contact us to give feedback we will undertake to respond to you with best endeavours but give no guarantees or timeframes around these communications.

From time to time we will publish surveys on behalf of clients but you are under no obligation to participate. We undertake to make it clear to you who has commissioned the survey and for what purpose, and why you’re a recipient. Then your agreement to participate is made when you complete the survey and submit it. Your response is anonymous and the data is provided to our client who commissioned the survey.

Not all users will see all surveys, your Commuter app offers a survey to you when it decides you match the survey target audience profile. The digital survey service has a target audience as it is intended to improve upon fieldwork surveys where fieldworkers will stand at transport locations, or ride buses and trains, to approach travellers. That approach was subject to many issues including not often coinciding with the best time to complete a survey, potential for bias of the fieldworker, potential for abuse of fieldworkers, and it’s easy to lose survey responses too. We think Commuter offers a better way to provide a survey service that respects the travelling public.